Andrew Corlett

Andrew Corlett – Artist, Photographer and Printmaker

Screen Printing

I make large screen prints of my photomontage works. Most of my smaller pieces, are made to be enlarged and screen-printed. When the images are scanned and enlarged the dots that make up images are exaggerated and the joins between the cut out graphics are clearly visible. By enlarging the work it reveals the method of their construction, which is my intention.

I also use Rubylith to make my screen prints. It’s a red, duel layer film used to make stencils for screen printing. The stencil is hand cut with a scalpel. I use this material to make optical illusion based work.





One Reply

  1. Rossella Feb 21st 2014

    Dear Andrew,
    thank you for inviting me at the show.
    I found your work really original and visionary.
    I am really happy to own one of your pieces.
    It was a great evening I had good fun.